An Enterprising Attitude Meets Philanthropy, Chetna Jhamb

Enterprising Attitude Meets Philanthropy - Chetna Jhamb

An Enterprising Attitude Meets Philanthropy Chetna Jhamb

Enterprising Attitude Chetna Jhamb: It took a single pandemic to have the world capsized. Spreading worse than a wildfire, the coronavirus is transmuting even the kind of challenges that it brings with it. Almost every family has suffered a loss of some kind and every industry has had to deal with a major blow. However, in the direst of these situations emerged a true call for humanity, a test of it perhaps.

Board Member, Skanda Group of Industries

Some have chosen frontline safety as their job long before the deadly virus, but many others stepped forward to help especially in the wake of the pandemic – to help the world bounce back. One such commendable youngster is Ms. Chetna Jhamb – an entrepreneur based out of Bengaluru. Young, spirited and a driven woman, Ms. Chetna is the Director at Skanda HEI HR International Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru. Skanda Group of Industries is a global venture which is at the forefront of bringing the most advanced technologies in the domain of protective equipment for healthcare providers. This group has been closely working with various governments, hospitals, and private companies to support the frontline COVID workers and be instrumental in saving lives. “My family has always believed in giving back to society. When I returned home from LA, I could see a lot of people in dire need of help. My mother told me that I should do everything in my power to help people right now. This is the time for the privileged to extend a helping hand to the distressed. Inspired, I started providing food, water, masks and other essentials to hospitals in my neighbourhood,” says Ms. Chetna, when asked about her inspiration towards volunteering. While she was at it, she began to notice many who suffered due to a shortage of oxygen. To that effect, Ms. Chetna introduced Skanda’s small-sized oxygen concentrators exclusively designed for home use, as a way to mobilise the supply of oxygen to every household. She adds, “This will not only reduce the dependency on oxygen cylinders but it will also bring relief to patients with comorbidities, who are currently resorting to their homes for treatment. We also have good experience dealing with quality Covid care-related products, which we can introduce according to people’s needs.” Ms. Jhamb’s confidence to alleviate the problems of those affected by the pandemic comes from the fleet of 49 FDA-certified factories that are producing personal protective equipment. She finds a sense of fulfilment in the realisation that her work gives her direct access to make the impact that the world needs right now. “We are starting small but I am glad that I can do my bit to serve those in need. Streamlining COVID-Care at a household level can ease people’s lives and I will ensure my sincere efforts are in that direction,” she concludes, positively.