Ms. Chetna Jhamb with one of the youngest Member Of Parliament, Mr. Tejasvi Surya.

Saluting a warrior whose efforts have helped preserve lives - Chetna Jhamb

Saluting a warrior whose efforts have helped preserve lives

2020 was a year like no other, Saluting a warrior whose efforts have helped preserve lives. The unknown infection COVID-19 emerged and grew to become a pandemic, disrupting the world and its ways. Amidst life-threatening situations, certain people overcame every depressing moment with their positive attitude, skills, courage, compassion and above all, care. Chetna Jhamb is one such impactful personality who rose to the occasion to protect and preserve the lives of thousands around her, and contribute in her own way to valiantly fight arguably the biggest war of our times – the COVID-19 pandemic. Skanda Industries envisioned by Chetna Jhamb was established in 2017. The global venture has always been at the forefront of bringing some of the most advanced technologies and products in the domain of protective equipment for healthcare providers. The company has worked closely with various governments, hospitals and private organisations worldwide by trading healthcare supplies including oxygen concentrators, gloves, sanitisers, masks, surgical clothes, pharmaceuticals and more. Under the able leadership of Chetna Jhamb, Skanda Industries truly made an impact during the unprecedented crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, when it went it went the extra mile to support frontline workers and play a critical role in saving lives.


As a woman leader, media investor, creative entrepreneur and passionate philanthropist, Chetna Jhamb wears numerous hats with élan and effortlessly manages multiple businesses, while also following her heart to contribute to the society. The socially concerned do-gooder, was keenly aware of the real difficulties and problems people faced during the pandemic. She actively participated in several humanitarian activities, to contribute to the society when the world needed it the most – the COVID-19 pandemic. Chetna Jhamb inspired many to serve people selflessly as she provided food and clean water to the daily wage workers who were dealing with the toughest time in their life, battling even for basic needs. She donated oxygen concentrators, which were the need of the hour during the 2nd wave of the pandemic, to hospitals, healthcare centres and places where it was required.


Chetna Jhamb has carried forward her acts of kindness, even in the post pandemic era, by reaching out to several NGOs and providing them oxygen concentrators, providing rations to orphanages and interacting with children to motivate them to seek a better future. She has donated 2 oxygen concentrators to Ujjwal, a preschool for the underprivileged. Ujjwal is an initiative of NGO REWA which is committed to brightening lives. Chetna Jhamb also provided 10 oxygen concentrators to the Brahmakumaris Koramangala branch and Abhyudaya, an NGO which supports education for underprivileged children. Going forward, Chetna Jhamb’s commitment, strong sense of perseverance and passion to make a difference will drive her further towards success.