The Bhojpuri film Begunah Trailer launch produced by Chetna Jhamb

Bhojpuri film Begunah Trailer launch produced by Chetna Jhamb

Bhojpuri film Begunah Trailer launch: The biggest problem with Bhojpuri cinema has been that Bhojpuri families rarely come to the theaters to see it. Especially women rarely gather the courage to go to theaters to watch this film. There has also been a huge shortage of women producer directors in Bhojpuri cinema. But, Chetna Jhamb, a resident of Samastipur in Bihar, has come out to change this scenario. She has not only taken the lead in writing story, screenplay and dialogues in Bhojpuri cinema but she is also the producer of her new film ‘Begunah’. Along with Chetna, two other women producers have also taken the lead in the production of this film.

Chetna Jhamb, a resident of Samastipur, Bihar, belongs to a Punjabi family. His father Chandra Prakash Jhamb has a clothing business in Samastipur and mother Vidya Jhamb has been running a beauty parlor along with running the house. According to Chetna, who has been settled in Bangalore for the past decade, she has also been an air hostess and is now busy in the health care business after leaving her job. She says, “I have been inclined towards cinema for a long time. My love for Bhojpuri is from childhood. So, when I thought of foraying into film production, I started with Bhojpuri.

Swati Jhamb and Nisha Yogeshwar are also associated as producers in Chetna Jhamb’s first Bhojpuri film ‘Begunah’. This was the first time in any program of Bhojpuri cinema when three women as producers appeared together on the same stage. Chetna Jhamb has also done Kathak dance on one of the songs of the film. At the trailer launch, Bhojpuri filmmaker Abhay Sinha said, “It is a very good time for Bhojpuri cinema when women are stepping into Bhojpuri cinema. This will greatly improve Bhojpuri cinema.

Actor Ritesh Pandey is playing the lead character in the horror film ‘Begunah’. Ritesh, who is trying to follow in the footsteps of the present-day Bhojpuri stars Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirhua, Khesari Lal Yadav and Pawan Singh, also read a lot of ballads on this occasion in the glory of all three. He says, ‘These three stars of Bhojpuri are more than one. The three cannot be compared. Where Pawan Singh does good action, Khesari Lal Yadav does comedy well. The films of Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirhua are very much liked by the family audience.